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White Belt Study Group

Pass the guard pass please:

Last night we worked on passing 1/2 guard and transitioned to side control. There are many variations of passing guard, this is intended to be “an option” NOT “the option.”

Step 1: Assuming you are in 1/2  guard and your right let is trapped.

Begin by swimming your left arm over your opponents abdomen (either in front of their arms or over their head), sit on your left hip, and place the side of your body on-top of your opponent. Be sure to keep as much pressure as possible on your opponent so as to restrict their breathing and keep them from transitioning to a more dominant position.

Step 2: Keep your arms close to your body (think wet bar of soap in your armpits). If your opponent isolates your arm, you are in trouble.

Start to “heel toe” your trapped leg to your opponents butt. Start pushing your opponents knee with your forearm to free your knee. “Shuck the knee free.”

Step 3: At this point, your opponent has decided NOT to bridge and your foot is trapped below the knee.

Begin to transition the knee of your trapped leg to the mat on the opposite side of your opponents body. This will vaguely resemble a mounted position. Your foot will likely remain trapped.

Step 4:

As the knee of your trapped leg touches the mat, seek to under-hook your opponents left arm with your right arm and bring your left arm under your opponents head. Clasp your hands. Place your right ear against your opponents ear and your forehead against the mat.

Step 5:

Like a stink bug, put your hips in the air (they don’t lie) and stand up with your left leg (keep your forehead against the mat), shuffle to the left and place your right knee on the other side of your opponents body on the mat against their abdomen. Think James Brown (older reference…. Thank Jake for that one)

James Brown is a white belt.

Step 6:

Push your knee between your legs and have your right hip replace your knee against their body, thus freeing your right leg from 1/2 guard.

IMMEDIATELY slide into side control while seeking to control their head and arm with under-hooks.

Congrats… you just passed their guard.

Look at you, the Godfather of passing guard.