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Friendly Neighborhood Jiu Jitsu Coach:

Tonight we worked on several techniques: double leg take down, side control, knee slices, “dope guard”, and transitioning form “dope guard” to mount.

We drilled the below technique for a majority of the evening:

Step One: Let’s assume your opponent is on their back playing an open guard game.

Grab the inside of your opponents legs, one in each hand, right above the ankle, and pull your opponent’s legs towards your hips. They should come to their back. Begin to push their right leg to the mat with your left arm and put your right leg between their legs and your left leg outside of their legs.

Step Two:

As you place your right leg (remain standing)  between their legs, place your left leg out to the side. As your left leg steps to the side, place your right knee on the ground over their leg with your shin over their thigh above the ball of your foot on the mat between their legs. According to Jake, this will look like Spider-Man. (Thanks Friendly Neighborhood Jiu Jitsu Coach).

Spider-Man is a blue belt

Step Three: Assume your opponent will stuff your knee with their hands, and square up on the mat.

As soon as your knee is stuffed, transition that same knee in a similar position across your opponents opposite leg while pushing the original knee across their body and pressing your chest against their knee, pinning both of their legs. Essentially their left leg should be against the mat, your leg will be against that leg, their leg will be across their body on top of your leg, and your chest will be on top of everything… It’s quite a sandwich you’ve made there.

Step Four:

Begin to shuffle to the right and replace your right knee with your left knee. You will be in a mount looking position, but your left leg will be between their legs. Your right knee will begin transitioning in front of their  pinned legs and rest along your opponents body… your left leg will come out of their legs and rest along your opponents right side.

The entire time you are doing this, you must keep applying pressure.

At this point you should be pushing your opponents legs with your legs and transitioning to mount… congrats.

Thank you to everyone that made it to the Grand Opening! Pictures are coming!

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