White Belt Study Group

Today we drilled escape from side control.

***Plus the secret formula to getting better at Jiu Jitsu at the end of the post***

Coach Kris made an awesome point… there are dozens of ways to do everything and not everything will work for you. Everyone that practices Jiu Jitsu has different body types, something that works for a 6’1″ 200lb guy might not work for a 5’2″ 120lb woman.

If something that is being taught doesn’t work for you, take note of that, keep it in your tool belt and wait till something works for you… or ask a question. There is no ego at NCJJ and questions are highly encouraged. If you have a questions, chances are there are other students with the same or similar questions. If you learn, WE ALL LEARN!

Sometimes regardless of what you do, it still doesn’t work…  The only way you get better is consistency and that “See you tomorrow attitude.”

As promised: The tip for BJJ Success

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