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White Belt Study Group

Arm Bar from Closed Guard: 10/23/2017

Step One:

From closed guard the opponent is on their knees inside your closed guard. (Opponent should be on the balls of their feet and on their knees). Grab the left cuff of the opponent with your right hand and hold it close to your body with both arms (monkey grip or pistol grip). Reach across the left elbow with your left hand and keep the arm close to your body (glued to the right side of your body)

Step Two:

Break the opponents posture by pulling them close to you with your knees and slightly elevating your hips. Break your guard by “pendulum” swinging your left leg and swiveling your hips to the right. Your body and their body should form a “T”. Place the back of your left knee over the left ear of your opponent. (It is imperative that you maintain control of your opponents left arm). When transitioning to this position think about the break dancing “flare” move… (best 80s club song ever… Chance, that’s  the decade that started 18 years before you were born).

Step Three:

Shoot your right leg up to be parallel with your left leg. Your opponents hand should be in such a position so that they are “hitch hiking”. Elevate your hips.