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White Belt Study Group

Double Leg  / Single Leg Take Down: 11/6/2017

Tonight we worked on setting up and executing a double leg take down. We also worked a scenario where the double leg is defended against and a transition into a single leg take down is done instead.

Step One:

From a standing fighting stance, come down into a lunge with left leg leading and your right knee in a low crouch.

Step Two:

Begin to transition your right leg to the right of your opponent and place your right foot to the right of your opponent while placing your left knee on the mat. You can also keep your knee off the ground in a low catcher’s stance.  If you are doing this transition correctly, the top of your right foot will slide on the floor and you may get some mat burn (battle scars).

Step Three:

Reach your arms around the knees of your opponent, thumbs in (think lobster). Pin your head against the side of your opponent. Apply pressure against your opponents side and begin  to stand while lifting the legs – – – Think 10 and 2 when applying pressure to your opponent. Shuffle one to two times to the left and pressure your opponent, bringing them to the ground.  You should immediately end up in side control.

Step Four: Oh no! They pulled their leg out… Now transition to a single leg take down.

Assuming your opponent defends the double leg take down and you are unable to secure the double leg,  transition your mindset to a single leg take down. Maintain control of your opponents left leg. Stack your arms one in front of the other. Your right arm will maintain control of the calf.  Your left arm, up to your shoulder, will maintain a position higher on the leg, as high as the thigh if possible. This should resemble a hug. Your opponents ankle should be firmly stuck between your thighs. Squeeze your legs together, keep pressure with your head agains your opponents side, and keep your feet together.

Step Five:

Take several small shuffling steps to the rear and begin to think about the military move “right—face”. Begin to sharply pivot to the right while pushing with your left shoulder into their leg to the right. As you pivot and make a SMALL quarter step to the right (45 degrees), sharply bow at your waste and attempt to put your head between your knees, all the while “shuck” your opponents foot between your legs. If your were going 100%, this would be a violent and fast movement. — Hopefully your opponent ends up on their back.

Step Six:

Maintain control of the foot that was between your legs, thrust your hips forward to prevent your opponent from puling you into their guard, and immediately transition to side control.

ALSO: Shout out to the Powerful Chance! Not only did he earn 3rd place on Saturday, he earned his 4th stripe! Congrats Chance!

Words of wisdom for the evening:  “There are no secrets, just keep showing up.” – Coach Jake

Other words for the evening:  “Don’t be a pass-hole…” – Also Coach Jake (someone who intentionally ends up in guard, and then passes guard so they can get points rather than seeking a submission… or something like that)