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Breath Fitness

In these Breath Fitness classes, we will go over the science of how breathwork can make immediate changes in your physiology. You will learn techniques to clear your sinuses, how to breathe throughout the day, getting into deep mediation and how to improve your sleep. We will explore how breathwork can manage stress and anxiety and how it can have an immediate effect on fitness performance. You will be guided through the latest mind-altering techniques and we will touch on ancient Japanese breathwork practices. You will learn to control and enhance your stress level, mood, athletic performance, and immune system.

We will do this by gaining access to:

  • Brainwave Shifts, Endorphins
  • Adrenaline, Melatonin Release
  • Your Body’s PH (You Will Become More Alkaline)

You will leave class feeling energized and perhaps inspired by how simple natural means can have such a profound impact.

The class will be three parts:

  • Discussion and Science
  • Breathing Mechanics
  • Guided Breathwork

Plus Q & A opportunities afterward.

Miles Lukas

Miles Lukas is a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Dave Camarillo with over 24 years of experience and a certified level 2 Wim Hof Method Instructor.


We strongly believe in our fundamental roots to the Gracie Self-Defense curriculum.  We also believe that the environment of a strong academy will promote healthy competition, and we stay current with the evolution of the sport.